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From stem to stern, any service to do with making a house a home is what I do. I can design your ideas, print the plans for approval, obtain the permits, hire the subcontractors, oversee the job from start to finish, and bring your dreams to fruition.

We have been renovating homes forĀ  more than twenty-five years. Starting out as a painter with my brother serving as a carpenter, we have always paid attention to the smallest details. That’s what it takes to make the difference, and separates the pros from the fly-by-nighters.
Prestigious Kitchen Renovation


From designing to finish, whether building a custom deck or staining, I will take care of it all. I design the deck based on your ideas, draw the permit plans using the latest CAD software, apply for the permit, schedule the inspections from start to finish

a lake saint louis house I painted and refinished hardwood floors in 2008

I have worked in Construction for 30 years. In that time, I’ve learned a lot, made some mistakes along the way; this is an ever-changing field, but I’ve managed to keep up. Follow this link for a portfolio of my work over the past ten years, from building custom homes, to renovating to property preservation, I am ready for almost every challenge